SmartPortal365 - Digital working has never been so easy

The portal for your digital workplace. 

With SmartPortal365 you and your team have quick access to all your documents, workgroups and Microsoft365 products. Via the shared dashboard, your employees are always informed about news and updates. Your data is securely stored in the Microsoft Cloud and you can access it from anywhere.
The SmartPortal365 collaboration tool gives you the opportunity to work on joint projects with your colleagues in real time. Discover the many advantages of a digital workplace in a live demo.

SmartPortal365 Microsoft Integration

That's how we work together today.

Take the opportunity to get to know SmartPortal365 in a 15 minute online session. 

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"Thanks to SmartPortal365, our workday is more pleasant and better structured. We have one central entry point for everything."

Jean-Claude Rossé
Experts for Experts (Switzerland) AG

"Just a few weeks ago I was skeptical when I heard the term "Digital Workplace". I subsequently became aware of BeeDigital's great product and am completely satisfied."

Werner Schneider

Schneider Engineers

"As a company owner, I have been dealing with the topic of "Modern Workplace" or "Digital Workplace" for a long time. We are looking for a simple solution that can be integrated quickly. SmartPortal365 offers all of that."

Kathrin Wüttrich

PS Pharma

Whether for small teams with 3 people or for large teams with 3000 people:
SmartPortal365 makes your daily work easier.
With security.

These are your advantages
with SmartPortal365

Central surface

You have access to everything you need to work via just one interface. All relevant information and workflows are combined on one platform.

Microsoft compatible

Compatible with Microsoft

If you already work with Microsoft365, you benefit from further possibilities. Employees from outside the company can also be included.

No installation

SmartPortal365 requires no installation, is completely cloud-based and is ready to use with just a few clicks!

Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboard

Simple user interface, individually adaptable for each employee.


Make collaboration in teams as efficient as possible, regardless of location! You can work together with your team from anywhere.

social features

Post messages, comment on messages.

What our customers say.

In the home office, you are always on the project status like your colleagues. This is SmartPortal365.

Jonas, 43, project manager in an SME, works with Word and Excel every day. He is also in a project group with Sven and Eva. They exchange documents with each other, adapt documents and post contributions to each other's project group. Thanks to SmartPortal365, all these activities can be done via a single interface.

This is digital work. This is SmartPortal365.

A Digital Workplace expert will present the Digital Workplace SmartPortal365 in an online session of about 15 minutes and answer your questions. We look forward to seeing you!

Get started right away! In less than 2 minutes you can sign in with your Microsoft account and start using SmartPortal365.