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digital workplace

SmartPortal365 - Your digital workplace in the cloud.

Today's workplaces are characterized by intelligent work processes. Employees and workgroups want to work flexibly and in a contemporary manner and must also be able to access all relevant data from anywhere. These are the requirements for the digital workplace.

Digital Workplace. What does that mean?

All the applications, systems, cloud, documents and data that an employee uses for their daily work create the Digital Workplace. Corporate boundaries have expanded. Employees work from home and need to have daily access to all relevant information and data. Virtual workplaces make this possible.

Benefit from the advantages of the Modern Workplace. Our product is ideally suited for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Collaboration within the team.

With SmartPortal365, collaboration within teams is possible despite physical distance. Documents are stored digitally and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

No software.

SmartPortal365 is completely cloud-based. No installation is necessary. This makes the product additionally unique. You can start immediately and set up your digital workplace.

A unified desktop.

Customization of your needs. You can customize the user interface exactly to your requirements.

With only one user interface you have access to your projects, workgroups and Micosft365 products. This enables you to collaborate digitally across your company.

Document management from anywhere.

All employees are kept up-to-date at all times and can call up the available files in real time, share them with each other and work on them together.

News portal and social features.

Employees can post, comment and like articles and thus create the central corporate network.

You see all relevant information in a central news portal.

Learn about the features of SmartPortal365.

Anna, 39, HR manager in an SME, works daily with Excel and a payroll program. She also has important daily information for all employees that she can easily post thanks to SmartPortal365. She likes to follow world events online, via a newspaper news portal. She has set up her digital workplace exactly to her needs. Thanks to SmartPortal365, she can manage her activities from a single interface.

This is digital work. This is SmartPortal365.