We guarantee the highest safety standards.


Our mission is to provide the highest level of security, data protection, compliance and availability for small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore we use the Microsoft technology Azure.

Thousands of companies and governments around the world have chosen Azure as their trusted cloud solution, benefiting from the industry leading infrastructure and foundation for operational security.

Hosting in

Western Europe

They want leading technology, the highest reliability and absolute data security.

We host our App Service in West Europe.

Most modern

Encryption connections

We use Azure Key Vault to protect your encryption keys and secrets (such as certificates, connection strings and passwords) in the cloud. 

Data protection and


Advanced Threat Protection, audit and compliance policies and services to archive, delete and recover your data

"We believe in four basic principles: transparency, security, privacy and compliance."

Trust in the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud


Microsoft security technology protects your information and safeguards against hackers and unauthorized access by using state-of-the-art technology, processes, and certifications.


You control your data as well as the access rights. You can access your data at any time, revoke access rights and delete the data at any time.


Customers can archive and manage their data in compliance with all legal requirements by their company.


They know at all times what is happening to their data. Microsoft explains in plain language how the cloud provider uses, manages and secures data.


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