Digital Workplace: The 3 biggest challenges & solutions 

 September 11, 2020

By Nadine Löfflad

In recent months, the switch to the digital workplace from the home office has increased massively. The rapid changeover can have been a surprise for many companies and employees. Find out here what the 3 biggest challenges of Digital Workplace are and how you can handle them.

Find out here what the 3 biggest challenges of Digital Workplace are and how you can deal with them.

1. rapid implementation

The challenges of the Digital Workplace

Especially in Corona times, it was often more important for companies to find and implement a solution for the digital workplace quickly than to think the changeover through properly.

The switch to home office had to be made quickly, and quick solutions were needed. Standardized, ready-to-go intranet models offer a practical tool for this, as a complete, ready-made solution is available without having to think about it too much.

Often it only becomes clear little by little what kind of tools you really need, and where more is needed. Here too, such models offer quick and easy solutions, the digital workplace with add-ons and options for personalization, directly tailored to the needs of the company and employees.

This makes it possible to implement the new working environment quickly and to make it practical and easy to implement.

2. user behaviour and security

How SmartPortal365 helps with the transition to the digital workplace

Once implemented, most risks and problems associated with the digital workplace are related to user behaviour.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally - the misuse of systems and devices can lead to many problems with the digital workplace. A significant proportion of these arise from the use of unauthorized applications and devices for work purposes, which can compromise data security.

To prevent this, there are various tools and possibilities - for example, you can introduce the need to change passwords regularly, or restrict the use of unsupported applications.

Workshops and seminars on the topic of Digital Workplace and the secure use of it can also minimize this risk.

3. pushing forward with adoption

How important adoption is in the Digital Workplace

The implementation of the Digital Workplace does not stop at the launch - an implementation strategy that goes beyond that is important.

The complete change of the workplace, as it has been known for years, can cause resistance from some people. To overcome this challenge, it is important that the tools and solutions are easy to use and understand.

Through clear, committed and consistent communication, concerns and doubts can be dispelled and overcome. Clear explanations and "How To's" around the new digital workplace will help all parties involved to find their way around the new environment and to advance digital collaboration.


If these 3 challenges are taken into account in the transformation to the Digital Workplace, nothing stands in the way of successful implementation in the digital working world.

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