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Why do you need a Microsoft account?

To fully establish the digital workplace in all offices - that is the goal that drives us. We strive for innovation that makes everyday work easier and provides room for personal growth. This is only possible through collaboration, which is why we deliberately did not design SmartPortal365 as standalone software. SmartPortal365 builds on Microsoft software and complements the strengths of Microsoft 365 with important features that you soon won't want to do without. For this reason, a Microsoft account is a prerequisite for using SmartPortal365.
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Can you use your private Microsoft account?

Yes, it is possible to use SmartPortal365 with your private Microsoft account. However, please note that not all SmartPortal365 features are available in this case, as some are only unlocked with a Microsoft 365 School or Business account.

Is SmartPortal365 free of charge?

The basic version of SmartPortal365 is permanently free of charge. To be able to use further functions, you as a company can upgrade to SmartPortal365 PRO and flexibly compose your digital workplace.
Here you can learn more about the Professional Edition and the prices.